The aim of the Conference is to create a platform for communication and cooperation among research teams, engineers, entrepreneurs and investors in the area of application into the industry of new steels and iron alloys and implementation of innovative heat treatment technologies.

The important objectives of the Conference are to:

  • take stock of the current status of the steel and cast iron alloys research through the presentation of the most recent achievements of research teams,
  • share experience related to the design, heat treatment, microstructure and properties of modern steels,
  • indicate new directions of steel research and the potential areas for the practical applications of the results of research work.

We expect that the Conference will facilitate the launch of cooperation among the communities of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, and thus contribute to the implementation of new technologies into the industry.


The Conference is dedicated to:

  • Scientists engaged in the design and research of modern steels and cast iron alloys
  • Engineers and entrepreneurs interested in the development of their products through the application of new steels and in the implementation of modern heat treatment technologies in manufacturing process.