• New achievements in AHSS: TRIP, TWIP, MBIP (microbands induced plasticity) steels
  • Nanostructured Steels: bainitic, AHSNS, Mn-steels, pearlitic…
  • Green Steels: Scientific background, Technology, Ecology, Properties
  • Advanced Cast Steels and Iron Alloys
  • New Achievements in Phase Transformations in Steels
  • Hydrogen in Steels and Cast Iron Alloys
  • Innovative Technologies of Heat Treatment
  • Processes Combining Heat Treatment and Thermo – Chemical Processes
  • Surface Engineering of Advanced Steels and Cast Iron Alloys
  • Additive Manufacturing of Iron Alloys
  • New Welding Technologies of Advanced Steels
  • Implementation of New Steels and Innovative Heat Treatments into the Industry
  • Computer modeling in steel development